Whether you’re captivated by the glitz and glamour of fashion design, or you’re more interested in the behind-the-scenes business of establishing a fashion house, there are certain skills required to make it in the fashion industry. If this is your intended career path, here’s a look at some of the skills that will see you succeed.


1.     Creativity

If you’ve always had a flair for the creative, then you’re already on the right path as this is a vital skill in the fashion industry. You will undoubtedly gravitate towards colour and style, considering what works best in different settings. While your sense of style will evolve over the years, adapting to emerging trends and influences, that sense of creativity will remain.


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2.     Aptitude for sewing

You will not necessarily be required to make all your garments throughout your career, but you do need to have some sewing skills if you’re considering entering the world of design. From coming up with a garment idea, to sketching it, and making it, these productive skills will help you succeed in the industry.


3.     Industry knowledge

To do well in the fashion world, you need to understand what is happening within it, as well as the various forces impacting fashion design. You should be keeping up with the latest industry-related events, know who the key players in the fashion world are, as well as what global trends are shaping modern design. It’s also important that you have some background knowledge of fashion history as this is hugely influential on what’s happening today.


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4.     Computer skills

While this is relevant in almost every industry today, computer skills are particularly vital in the fashion industry as much of the design is done digitally through CAD (computer-aided design). You should be familiar with programmes like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator as these will be used for fashion design, fashion photography, fashion shows, and more. Fortunately, this is a skill you can acquire, it just takes a bit of time.


5.     Web design

If you’re considering a career in fashion media or are hoping to start your own business, you would benefit from skills in web design and online writing. While these can undoubtedly be outsourced, it’s really worthwhile having the ability to design or adapt websites, as well as mastering the art of SEO (search engine optimisation) writing.


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6.     Social media skills

Just as with computer skills, having a good grounding in social media is important for many industries, but it’s another must-have for fashion. If you’re already using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok that’s great, but you can start experimenting with different imagery and asses how it’s received. Social media is the go-to platform for most brands these days so you’ll need to know exactly how to navigate these going forward.


7.     Business skills

For success in the fashion industry, you can’t just come with creativity, this really needs to be paired with some business sense as well. That way, you’re able to monetise your skill and bring your creations to the world. Some of the business knowledge you’ll need for fashion includes budgeting and accounts, marketing, sales, and administrative duties.


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8.     Communication skills

This soft skill is absolutely critical across all aspects of fashion. You need to be able to engage with other designers on ideas and to formulate business opportunities. You also need to be able to communicate your creative vision so that it can be realised by others. Building relationships with the media and other fashion professionals is important for extending your brand.


9.     Organisational skills

Starting from entry-level work arranging closets and samples to business ownership where you’re organising every aspect of the business, you will need to hone those organisational skills. Being organised is a valuable skill to learn in every aspect of your life, so if you find you’re battling with disorganisation then you need to start getting things in order now.


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While some of the skills needed for success in fashion are naturally acquired, many of these can be learnt by attending a reputable fashion institute such as Viliotti Fashion Institute. Ensure your success in fashion by applying for a place at this top-quality tertiary institution today.