When it comes to appealing careers, fashion design is right up there! For those at the top of their game, fashion designers are setting trends globally, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, and earning big money. But this certainly isn’t the case for everyone – and it’s a lot of hard work. While we all enjoy seeing and wearing the finished product, getting to that point of success is tough-going in a cut-throat industry. However, for those with the required skills and passion, fashion design is a truly rewarding career choice.


Here are 5 signs that fashion design is your calling…


1.     You’re a creative

Without creativity, there is no chance of design, but this is likely a skill you possess if you’re reading this blog. Obviously sewing, knitting and creating your own clothes is a big indicator that fashion design is in your future, but creativity should flow through various areas of your life. You could be really interested in décor, flower arranging, crafting or repurposing furniture. You’re probably unique in your sense of dress and style, often selecting elements of fashion trends that you enjoy and re-working them for your personal preferences. You’re the ‘go to’ person when your friends need a makeover, are redesigning a home or even planning décor for a wedding!

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2.     Design is a big part of your life

You are constantly aware of the design elements in the world without being able to control it. When you walk into a store, you will assess the arrangement of produce, the font chosen for a new product, or the colour scheme of the interior. Walking along the street, you will notice the design of cars, the architecture of surrounding buildings, even the positioning of signage that could possibly be better placed. Browsing websites, you’re immediately aware of fonts, styles and layout that appeal to you, or trigger concerns.


3.     You’re constantly looking to improve things

Beyond simply noticing these various aspects, you’re also subconsciously working out how you would do things differently. This is not to say you don’t appreciate creativity in others – you will certainly have your personal favourites – but you’re always acutely aware of how, with a few simple changes, something could be made that much better. You’re someone who is engrossed in researching new trends, is always looking to learn something new, to improve your design skills and capabilities. There’s no space for complacency – it just leads to poor design!

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4.     You’re good at expressing yourself

Design is effectively a mode of communicating yourself in a visual display. But to get to this point, you need to be able to collaborate with those working with you so that you can get to the desired result. This means having good communication skills so that you can express, clearly, what it is you are looking to achieving. It’s also about gaining from the client exactly what it is they want from you so that they’re happy with your work. Fortunately, even if your communication skills are lacking now, this is something you can work on improving. Sign up for classes, attend networking events, and talk to people who are adept at communication. This is closely connected with interpersonal skills, another vital tool for a fashion designer. Working with people, building relationships and networking are important, so if you’re already a social butterfly, you’re on the right track.


5.     You’re entrepreneurial

While creativity is at the heart of passion, entrepreneurial skills are what set the successful apart in fashion design. These skills are required even if you’re not working for yourself, but in a company or agency. You will need to have an understanding of marketing, sales, budgets, staff management and material sourcing. The technical and marketing aspects of fashion design are invaluable when embarking on a career in this industry.

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Commitment to your dream is really what’s key to becoming a successful fashion designer, and there are ways you can build on your existing talents and hone then for the industry. The fully accredited Villioti Fashion Institute gives you the opportunity to study Bachelor of Fashion Degree, a Diploma in Fashion and a Higher Certificate in Fashion. Through this you will learn to harness your creativity and develop those entrepreneurial skills while working with some of the best in the industry.