A moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! Stephanie, Philip, Isabelle, Percy and Gerry from @The Chateau Diaries stopped by the Villioti Fashion Institute for a visit during their trip to South Africa. It has been a long wait to finally meet Stephanie and some of the other members of the Chateau Diaries. This was all suppose to happen towards the end of 2021 but the travel ban from France had halted their trip to South Africa. However, the new year quickly came around bringing along with it one of our true highlights for the year already. Join us in this episode as we prepare and spend the day with these incredible people. Once again we would like to thank everyone at Chateau De LaLande and all of the Chateau Diaries and @Chateau Unwrapped! viewers for their support and extended efforts to make Mmakhotso’s dream come true.