There is a lot happening in the fashion industry, with many up-and-coming designers turning to established design institutes to pursue qualifications that will better-position them for future careers. Whether it’s fashion short courses, international courses, fashion diplomas or degrees, here are some of the top fashion study trends in 2020.

6 Top Fashion Study Trends

1. Fashion textiles
This focuses on the development of textiles through print, knit, embroidery and embellishment with students instructed on fabrics, colour and silhouette through 2D and 3D technologies. Elements such as trend forecasting, pattern cutting, illustration and garment construction are all covered in this section.

2. Fashion buying and merchandising
This focuses more on consumer behaviour, the planning and development of fashion ranges as well as visual merchandising in shops. When it comes to sourcing items, issues such as ethics and sustainability are covered, with a look at textile and garment development.


3. Fashion public relations
This is also known as fashion communication, fashion promotion or fashion imaging, basically empowering students with technical skills and visual communication techniques for the branding, advertising and marketing of fashion.

4. Fashion styling
This covers styling needed for fashion shows, advertising, magazines and digital media using hair and makeup styling techniques, garment sourcing and media production.


5. Fashion journalism and photography
In an age of digital media, where social media platforms like Instagram are so popular, there is a big market for talented fashion journalists and photojournalists. Students are now exploring photography, digital image production and manipulation, video editing techniques, as well as studio and location shooting used in advertising, galleries, shops and various media. There is also instruction in writing dictated by media law, fashion vocabulary and catwalk reporting.


6. Fashion management
For those interested in the business side of fashion, this is a particularly interesting section that analyses the management of fashion brands, finances, events and people from supply chain to marketing. Aspects such as trend forecasting, fashion PR, merchandising, retailing and business development will be covered.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the dialogue instructing and shaping future fashions, then it’s worth getting a relevant fashion qualification to provide background on this dynamic industry.

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The programme philosophy is to create a learning environment in which innovation, and originality are encouraged and nurtured. There is a strong business grounding within the fashion degree preparing the student to take his / her place in the fast paced global fashion industry.