The fashion industry is constantly developing and adapting, creating even more job opportunities that require a variety of skill sets. While ‘fashion designer’ is the most well-known of the industry professions, there are endless career options in marketing, journalism, theatre, retail, and more.

Fashion Career

If you’ve considered a career in fashion, then it’s never too soon – or too late – to start. Here is some advice on to get started with a career in fashion.


  • Get the right qualification

Although innate skills will be required for the fashion industry, a relevant qualification will put you in a much stronger position to succeed, whatever job description you’re looking to pursue. There are numerous fashion institutes offering a variety of qualifications. You can look to complete a short course in fashion in anything from garment construction to fashion design. Alternatively, there is the option of pursuing a diploma or degree in fashion, it’s just important that you go through a reputable fashion design institute.



  • Get work experience

While studying towards a career in fashion, it’s really worth getting first-hand industry experience through an internship or part-time job. This is the best way to discover what potential positions in fashion are available and what you would prefer doing once qualified. It’s also a great way to make valuable business connections which could be leveraged further down the line.


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  • Choose an area of expertise

Many people looking to start a career in fashion don’t actually know in which area of fashion they’d prefer to work. As mentioned, there are numerous job options within fashion media, fashion business and fashion design, it depends on your particular area of interest and skills’ set. Working as an intern will also give you a more realistic idea of what the day-to-day job entails


  • Network

When it comes to the fashion industry – as with many business professions – networking is vital to establishing yourself and gaining traction. It doesn’t matter which area of fashion you’re hoping to pursue, by creating valuable relationships with those already succeeding, you’re opening yourself up to future possibilities. Fashion is also about learning from others, finding inspiration, and then bringing your own vision. So, take every opportunity you can to network and immerse yourself in the fashion industry.


  • Keep up on trends

If you’re interested in starting a career in fashion, you’re undoubtedly interested in fashion trends, but it is important to actively seek out what is actually happening on the ground, as well as researching what trends are set to emerge. Read everything you can on fashion, visit retail outlets and keep your eye on what’s happening globally.



  • Don’t give up

The fashion industry can be incredibly cut-throat but if you’re passionate, prepared and have the required talent, then you’ll make it. Just don’t give up! Keep networking, learning and developing and your hard work will eventually pay off.


A career in fashion is certainly rewarding, you just need to take the necessary steps to ensure you have the best start. Chat to those who have already succeeded, check out the available fashion institutes and start getting your portfolio together.