There’s no denying that those who succeed in the fashion industry have an innate eye for trends, and tenacity that can see them return, season after season, to astound critics with catwalk masterpieces. However, even those with immense talent will find it difficult to make any impact in the fashion industry without a great start at a top fashion school. Studying at top fashion schools is certainly one of the best ways to carve out that niche within the industry while learning about this timeless trade. Here are five of the top fashion schools worldwide:

5 of the Best Fashion Schools

  1. Parsons School of Design ( )

This New York-based fashion school was established in 1896 and is the only American art and design school within a comprehensive university – The New School. Parsons offers an immersive programme for fashion students that is focused on training, interdisciplinary inquiry, and practice-based collaborative learning. Rather than isolating the various design fields, Parsons encourages the collaboration of peers throughout The New School, industry partners and even global communities to establish itself as a leading design emporium.

Fashion School


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  1. Villioti Fashion Institute (

This Johannesburg-based fashion school prides itself in creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary. This accredited tertiary educational institute is led by the renowned Spero Villioti, who has run a successful fashion brand for more than 30 years, and has international affiliations with Parsons School of Design, New York and London College of Fashion. These global connections enable Villioti Fashion Institute to expose students to a vast network within the fashion industry and ensure they are at the forefront of the fast-paced world of fashion. They offer a number of qualifications and fashion courses tailored to all the needs and trends of the industry. This is one of South Africa’s best fashion schools. 

  1. London College of Fashion (

For more than a century, this illustrious college has been nurturing creative talent, using fashion to shape lives while driving economic and social transformation. They draw on historical influences so as to build a sustainable future, encouraging students to have inventive, assertive ideas that challenge the social and political agendas. London College of Fashion offers more than 70 undergraduate and postgraduate fashion degrees as well as 165 fashion short courses, which means there is a specialisation for every aspiring fashion designer. This fashion school is one of the best in the world.

Fashion School

  1. Instituto Marangoni (

The heart of fashion, Milan, is also home to one of the world’s most influential fashion schools – Instituto Marangoni. The fashion school was established by Giulio Marangoni in 1935, a designer whose clothes were worn by Italian aristocracy, and whose quest was to train professionals and technicians specialising in fashion. The institute has expanded into London, Paris, China, India and America where students meet and exchange ideas, projects and vision. Istituto Marangoni has tested the talents of four generations of professionals from 106 countries representing the heritage of the school.

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  1. Ecole de la Chambe Syndicale de la Couture (

Close on the heels of Milan is the Parisienne fashion industry and the city’s most popular fashion school which is the Ecole de la Chambe Syndicale de la Couture. Founded in 1927, the school sought to craft highly-skilled fashion professionals who would definite tomorrow’s fashion. The unique courses are founded on traditional know-how and modern technology with value added by the school’s connection to some of the world’s biggest fashion houses. The courses are run by professionals who are still active within the fashion industry, making this an exclusive institution.


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Villioti Fashion Institute is an accredited tertiary fashion institution that takes pride in making the ordinary extraordinary. Led by Spero Villioti, who has run a successful fashion brand for more than 30 years, Villioti Fashion Institute prides itself on being “extraordinary in the details”, which is what sets their students apart from others and secures them a future in fashion.