The world of fashion holds massive appeal for so many reasons. The beautiful garments, glamour of the catwalk, stylish people and general celebrity culture have prompted many to try their hand at a career in fashion, only to fall short. However, for the select few with true passion and skill, a career in fashion holds unlimited possibilities. Here are a few ways to go about starting your fashion career.

Starting a Fashion Career


Determine if you have the skills


A deep-seated love for beautiful clothing and accessories is certainly a must if you’re seeking a career in fashion, but there is so much more to the industry. You have to have a real eye for design, the ability to adapt to new influences, and a good understanding of the fashion market in general. You will need to get to grips with everything from the fabric manufacture process to the cultural and historical impact on fashion.

It’s undeniably a cut-throat industry where only the best will survive, so you need to be dedicated, hardworking, ambitious and talented to make a name for yourself.


Choose an area of fashion


Fortunately, the world of fashion has so many elements that, even if you’re not going to be a top-level designer, you can still have a thriving career within the industry. You will need to decide which fashion career you want to pursue within the world of fashion. Here are a few ideas:


  • Public relations and marketing
  • Product management
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion photography
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Fashion buying
  • Fashion design – this includes artists, sewers, pattern makers, cutters, assistant/specialty/head designers and trend researchers


Decide what course to do


Although there is so much natural talent and skill needed to survive in fashion, you will need to hone these talents and learn about the industry. This requires the completion of some form of fashion study resulting in an accredited qualification.


  • Short courses – these are generally less than 6 months and can cover everything from garment construction to pattern design.
  • Diploma in fashion – this is usually a three-year course that will prepare you for a variety of jobs in fashion such as fashion editor and stylist. Entry requirements include a Grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Degree in fashion – this three-year BA will require a Grade 12 or equivalent with minimum criteria for certain subjects. This is a more comprehensive qualification with more future job opportunities.

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Network and work experience


Either while studying or upon graduation, it’s important to get right into the industry and gain that worthwhile on-hands experience. Always keep an eye out for internships – preferably while studying – as this will count greatly in your favour when you’re looking for a permanent position.

A lot of the industry is about networking and making contacts which is why getting a position – paid or not – will improve your future prospects.


Launch your brand


If you want to find success in the fashion industry, then you need to go out there and carve out your niche. If fashion design is your preference, then there is no bad time to launch your fashion brand. Source your suppliers, research the market and start making a name for yourself.


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