The stunning runway models, the glossy magazines, the paparazzi calling out for designers’ names as celebrities grace the red carpet…the world of fashion is ensconced in a gilded veneer or glamour and fun. And, while there is so much that is beautiful about fashion and its people, there is another side of tough, gruelling work where only the best of the best will make it. Here are a few things to consider before pursuing a degree in fashion.

Fashion Degree in South Africa

  1. A character for fashion

You might have a bit of talent with needle and thread, but that won’t cut it in the fashion industry. To really make it, you have to be a creative visionary with a ‘no holds barred’ personality that accepts nothing but perfection. If you tend to be quite wishy-washy and give up at the first hint of resistance, then perhaps a career in fashion is not for you.

  1. The drive to see it through

There will come a make or break moment in every prospective designer’s life when they know whether they have what it takes to throw it all in…or just give up. It all comes down to passion. You either have it, or you don’t. Make sure you find out before signing up for your fashion degree.

  1. Some raw talent

You might be the most passionate person in the class, but if you haven’t got talent to match that drive, then you will flounder in the world of mediocrity, and that’s no place for a fashion designer. This is not just a bit of natural ability, this is a deep talent that will see you succeed in the design industry.

  1. A knack for networking

Unfortunately, this is not a solo gig. To really succeed, you have to be able to network, to form deep bonds with those in the industry. You need to connect with suppliers, retailers, stylists, sales’ people and the media. These are skills that can be developed, but you should already have some affinity for networking.

  1. Ability to adapt and reinvent

One season’s trends might really resonate with you but it’s important to let go, adapt, reinvent and create fresh, new designs, all the while retaining your signature style. Fashion designers can quickly become obsolete after one great season. It’s important to surge through to the next new thing.

  1. The ability to give it your all

The reality of fashion design is that a balanced life doesn’t come into it. You have to be ready to give it your everything to be a real success, or lag behind. Self-discipline is key, and the realisation that projects, deadlines, competition and stress will be your reality for the duration of your course…and beyond.

  1. The right school

There are many institutes that offer very affordable fashion courses but there’s something to be said about a name-brand institute. Don’t accept an easy degree that churns out mediocre students. You need a fashion institute that demands the best of every student, exposes you to international trends and styles and has a great reputation in the industry.  Fashion design is not about mediocrity so start out with only the best. 

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Villioti Fashion Institute is an accredited tertiary fashion institution that takes pride in making the ordinary extraordinary. Led by Spero Villioti, who has run a successful fashion brand for more than 30 years, Villioti Fashion Institute prides itself on being “extraordinary in the details”, which is what sets their students apart from others and secures them a future in fashion.