For those of you considering a career in fashion, you’ve no doubt been designing and creating your own outfits for years, constantly following fashion trends, and visualising textures, patterns, and materials wherever you go. The truth is raw talent can only get you so far in any industry, having a solid educational foundation is worthwhile to consolidate those skills and hone them into something that can generate a profit.


What is a Fashion Degree?

The top-level educational offering for fashion is a Fashion Degree or Bachelor in Fashion qualification. This is a three-year degree that gives you a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of the industry. This includes analysing the social, economic, and cultural influences, instruction in finance and entrepreneurship, as well as practical instruction in all aspects of fashion.


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What are the benefits of a fashion degree?

If you are seriously considering a career in fashion, then there are many reasons that you would want to consider studying for a Fashion Degree. Some compelling reasons include:


1.     Industry exposure

When you’re studying for a Fashion Degree at a reputable institution, particularly one with international connections, you’re gaining valuable industry exposure. This includes exposing you to the industry, how it works, and what is required of you, as well as exposing you to the industry! This is a chance for your considerable talents to be put on display and create opportunities down the line.


2.     Internships

You cannot become a fashion designer without some real-world experience, and through a Fashion Degree you get the opportunity to learn on the job through internship programmes. This is a great way to gain experience while also establishing long-lasting networks that can see you thrive in an incredibly cut-throat industry.


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3.     Skills development

You might know how to design and craft a garment, but can you do it using the latest technologies? There are just so many skills that you will develop while studying for a Fashion Degree, from design to merchandising and marketing, as well as developing your niche.


4.     Business skills

You need the ability to hone your craft into something that makes you money, and that’s where a Fashion Degree is vital. Through this, you will learn the valuable business aspects of the fashion industry, including marketing, retail management and entrepreneurship. These are skills that can be carried across industries that will benefit you throughout your life.


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5.     Industry Insights

You might read every fashion blog and magazine, follow the leading fashion designers on social media, and spend all your extra money on the latest fashion items, but this doesn’t mean you know what’s going on behind the scenes! A Fashion Degree will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry so that you’re able to better predict trends and stay ahead of the game.


6.     Portfolio development

When you’re starting in fashion, your portfolio is everything! With a Fashion Degree, you create a comprehensive portfolio of work that will professionally showcase your unique skills and creativity. This will be used when you’re applying for internships, jobs, or even investors.


7.     Personal growth

A Fashion Degree is about more than just preparing you for a career in fashion, within those three years you will develop more as a person and a designer. You get to share your passion with like-minded individuals while discovering other forms of inspiration, and you will push yourself out of your comfort zone while discovering who you are as a designer.


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What are some career opportunities for a fashion degree?

A Degree in Fashion is about more than just preparing you for a career as a fashion designer. Yes, this is part of it, but there are so many career paths you can pursue with this degree. These include:


  • Garment technologist
  • Merchandiser
  • Textile designer
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Writer, blogger, or illustrator
  • Costume designer
  • Stylist
  • Buy for retail


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