A certificate in fashion opens so many doors if you’re interested in a career in fashion. Even if you aren’t yet sure which avenue you’re looking to pursue, it’s so worthwhile getting a fashion certificate so that you have something to work with once you’ve decided.


What is a fashion certificate?

A Higher Certificate in Fashion is a one-year qualification that provides grounding in the theory of fashion, as well as a level of application needed for entry-level work or a start-up venture. It’s a great way to make tracks in the world of fashion before working your way up in the industry. Some of the elements covered include:

  • Design and garment engineering
  • Design and manufacture of basic items
  • Digital fashion marketing
  • Entrepreneurial principals


What do you need to enrol for a fashion certificate?

If you’re interested in studying for a fashion certificate, then you’ll need a National Senior Certificate or equivalent with a minimum of 30% in English.


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What careers in fashion can I pursue?

Once you’ve successfully completed your fashion certificate, you’re able to pursue a number of potential careers in the fashion industry. Here’s a look at some of these.


Garment technologist

This is where you work on the design and creation of new materials using a combination of fibres and textiles. Alongside coming up with the latest garment trends, technologists will also test the performance and fit of garments, while finding ways to increase production.


Fashion planner

If you’re interested in the financial and statistical side of fashion, then you should consider a career as a planner. They’re in charge of planning the budgets based on consumer trends, research and sales data.



For those with keen organisational, forecasting and management skills, merchandising is a good fit. This is the person who ensures that the store is stocked with the correct quantity of garments suited to the target market. They assist with keeping the store profitable by organising sales and promotions.


Fashion designers

If being at the forefront of the fashion industry is more your style, then fashion design is an option. Certainly, one of the most well-known and high-profile roles, fashion designers are charged with creating lines of clothing and accessories for everything from big retail brands through to boutique shops. Fashion designers need to be in tune with the emerging rends and able to collaborate with others in the industry.


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Public relations for fashion

Public relations – or PR – requires a people’s person, no matter what industry. But a fashion PR has to have expert industry insight and the ability to build a strong brand profile while developing key media and industry connections. If developing relationships, working in a high-pressure environment and great communication skills are your thing, then PR is an option.


Fashion writer or blogger

If you have a flair for the written word and a love of all things fashion, this is a great area to explore. Fashion writers and bloggers can work in the PR section, pushing a brand’s image and connecting with the media. Otherwise, fashion writers and bloggers can work in the media space, either as ‘influencers’, reviewers or by creating social commentary.


Fashion illustrator

For those who are more adept at illustration and sketching rather than writing, there’s lots of room in the fashion industry. One option is creating conceptual sketches of a fashion line which can be used for promotional advertising. Modern illustration relies heavily on computer technology, which will be introduced through a certificate of fashion.


Fashion stylist

This role calls for a sense of vision and the ability to bring an artist’s vision to life through film. Creatives gravitate towards this position which requires working in close quarters with photographers, artists, advertising agencies and videographers. This differs from a personal stylist who will work with an individual to guide them on the ideal style and clothing for their body type.


Retail buyer

If you have a business mind and are adept at anticipating incoming trends, you’ve got a career cut out for you in retail buying. You get to attend the latest fashion shows and global trade shows to source the latest fabrics, clothing and accessories for your market.


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The career opportunities are seemingly endless once you’ve completed a certificate in fashion, but just make sure you enrol with a reputable fashion institute that provides a quality certificate. Villioti Fashion Institute is an accredited tertiary institution led by Spero Villioti, who has run a successful fashion brand for more than 30 years. Contact them today to find out more about their Higher Certificate in Fashion.