It’s an exciting year in fashion as old styles are re-envisioned, social statements are made and borders pushed in achieving the ultimate 2021 look. And while the fashion trends are what dominates the catwalks, there is a lot that goes into creating the clothing and accessories that take centre stage in shop windows throughout the year. Here is an overview of the most captivating fashion trends.

7 Fashion design trends this year

1. Return of the grunge
This year we’ll see the 1990s channelled through feminine dresses – florals and pastels – paired with chunky combat boots.


2. Bucket hats
Not veering from the 1990s, we’re also welcoming bucket hats back, but this time the trendy accessory is in pastel tones – the perfect summer look.

3. Square-toed heels
This look works for everything from sandals through to ankle boots, and they’re a great way to add a fresh look to any outfit.


4. Stripes
Vertical or horizontal, there’s no preference in 2020 when it comes to stripes! If done properly, you can get away with wearing both, just don’t overdo it with a third print.


5. Jungle vibes
Jennifer Lopez’s iconic 2000 Grammy Awards dress will echo through 2020 as floral greenery returns as a trend this year.

6. That 70’s style
It’s not just the 90s returning, but also the psychedelic patterns and free-spirited style of the 1970s. We can expect to see more lapels, flared hemlines and bell-bottom pants as the revolutionary spirit of that bygone eras re-emerges in 2020.

7. Flexibility in fashion
This is not just about personalising fashion, but about the adjustability of individual fashion items as well. Items such as reversible jackets, rip-off pants, detachable sleeves and hoods, and extendable hemlines make fashion practical.


Trends in fashion studies

There is a lot happening in the fashion industry, here are some of the top fashion study trends in 2020.


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