The runways have been awash with the glamour and glory of the upcoming fashion trends that are poised to flood the stores and bedazzle the sidewalks the world over. Here are some of the most interesting and standout fashion design trends taking over in 2019.

10 Fashion Design Trends

  1. Sparkling sequins


It’s all about the sparkle and shine as we celebrate the arrival of 2019. Sequins are working their way into daytime garments – with a more gently-beaded style – or eveningwear glitz with an all-over sequins experience. Nothing quite says ‘glitz and glamour’ like a bit of sequins here or there.


  1. Fabulous flats


There will always be a time and place for stilettos but feet can breathe a sigh of relief this season as fashionable flats walk their way into the fashion design trends.



  1. Non-gender clothing


You can expect more designs incorporating both masculine and feminine elements in 2019 as the lines between fashion genders blur into one elegant style. This can be seen in the big blazer with a loose cut and a few feminine elements such as pointed shoulders.


  1. Finish with a Fringe


The West is back with a vengeance as the fashion-dividing cowboy fringe returns on jackets, skirts, handbags…and any other fashion item and accessory you can imagine.


  1. In the Nude


The subdued tones of beige, caramel, coffee, cinnamon and chestnut have found their onto the fashion scene so expect more designs in a palette of flesh tones. Whether this style is a response to the overwhelming politics and environmental concerns, or just a need for simplicity, expect a lot more neutrals in 2019.


  1. Better in Black


Another form of consumerist respite is the all-black fashion design trend set to make the emerging goths of 2019 very in-style. Expect to see more innovation in form and function of clothing styles as designers work with uniform colour palette.


  1. A Bolder Shoulder


This is one fashion trend that is only gaining momentum as we waltz into 2019 – like it or not. Exaggerated shoulders are bouncing their way into fashion design…. bridesmaids beware!


  1. Going Dotty


If you’re seeing spots then you’ve probably witnessed another fashion design trend taking over garments in 2019 – polka dots. This ‘80s throwback will be working into summer dresses, swimwear, eveningwear and accessories.


  1. Next-level Neon


Also on the fashion design rotation are the zesty tones of neon. For those of you who are now bored senseless with the pastel tones, this second ‘80s fashion reinvention will having you dancing your way to the disco.


  1. Oh My Hat


This is where fashion design meets sun protection – the oversized hat. The perfect summer accessory and destined to make its way to the various high-end race days the world over.

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