A successful career in fashion is well within your reach when you have the right qualifications behind you. These days, getting a degree or diploma in fashion is a necessity in the competitive world of fashion, but furthering your studies with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fashion is well worth the effort. Here’s what you need to know about this one-year post-graduate degree.


What is a BA Honours in Fashion?


This is a one-year, NQF 8 fashion qualification that is completed after your Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in Fashion. Students will have a deep understanding of the field of fashion with graduates capable of engaging in creative problem-solving.


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What are the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fashion?


The minimum admission requirement is an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in the same, or commensurate field of study. You will need a minimum of 60% for all final-year modules to qualify for the BA (Hons).


Selection criteria


Each tertiary institution will have its requirements for the BA (Hons) application, but here are a couple that you could expect:


  • A letter of motivation outlining your initial proposal and intention for further study of approximately 1,500 words.


  • You will be interviewed by the Head of Academic Programmes to gauge your ambition, drive and commitment towards this demanding learning environment.


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What are the benefits of a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fashion?


If you’re driven to succeed in the world of fashion, then it’s likely you’ll want to pursue an Honours Degree. Here are some of the reasons why this would be beneficial to you.


  1. With a BA (Hons) in Fashion, you are prepared to study further locally as well as at international institutions, with the option of specialising in your particular industry. Being a specialist in your field will put you in even higher demand.


  1. The BA (Hons) in Fashion will develop your research capacity within the appropriate methodologies of that discipline through supervised research and the production of a mini-dissertation in your chosen specialisation.


  1. The BA (Hons) Fashion will develop your creative and intellectual capabilities, creating a range of garments from mass-produced pieces to high-end, bespoke items. This will ensure you’re well prepared for a career in fashion design across a broad industry such as luxury fashion houses, high street brands, and independent designers.


  1. Throughout the year, you’ll also develop a theoretical and practical understanding of pattern cutting and garment construction, finding your own unique style while learning more about influences in the modern design industry.


  1. Through projects, you will explore the entire fashion market from high-street fashion to ready-to-wear items for the local and international markets.


  1. You will discover more about sustainable and ethical work methods, as well as how to better respond to the challenges facing the fashion industry now while preparing for potential challenges in future.


  1. You will connect with local textile manufacturers, discovering more about traditional craftsmanship and the cultural influences on local fashion.


  1. With a BA (Hons) in Fashion, you will continue to hone a number of skills including fashion design, marketing, photography, business, management, and more.


  1. Once you’ve completed your BA (Hons in Fashion), you can go into almost any area within the industry such as fashion design, knitwear design, fashion accessory designing, fashion merchandiser, product development, fashion buying, fashion retailing, fashion communication, and more.


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Leading fashion design institute, Villioti Fashion Institute based in Joburg now offers fashion graduates the opportunity to extend their career qualifications with the Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree. The qualification trains educates, and inspires visionaries to embrace a philosophy of innovation and originality.